Food grade polymer headsfut tonnelier

JUST A BREATH ON BARRELS, introducing JABB® recyclable virgin polymer barrel heads that are permeable to air: food-grade, neutral for taste and ideal for ageing beers, wines and spirits.

Whatever its size, a barrel is basically a shell fashioned by the time-honoured cooper’s craft that is curved, toasted and sealed with two freshly cut seasoned wood ends or ‘heads’ that in most cases are not subjected to a flame.
In any barrel, nearly one quarter of the total interior surface in contact with the beverage contained inside is made up by these heads, so the curved shell accounts for three quarters of the interior surface area.
A classical ratio that can now be regulated by using JABB®.
Could our ancestors the Gauls have been visionary enough when designing this transport container to have given it ideal proportions for the ageing of beer, wine and spirits in the 21st century?

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Evolving with the market

With JABB® you can anticipate ageing trends and be ahead of market expectations.
. Its double-function concept opens up possibilities for winemakers hitherto reticent about using wood, by reducing short ageing cycles, while enhancing results of long ageing.
. It makes wood ageing accessible to the majority of winemakers and matches the wide range of wine and spirits styles.
. Its results are convincing with all cooperage woods:
French, eastern and American oak, acacia, etc.

Seasoned wood tailored to your requirements
By reducing the amount of wood traditionally used in the heads, JABB® adapts and fine-tunes your barrels to suit the materials and handling requirements of your beers, wines and spirits. Compared to the traditional share of 25%, this is a breakthrough innovation without having to replace barrels with some other vessel.

Keep breathing!
JABB® ensures effective micro-oxygenation throughout the useful life of the barrel with two levels of permeability. Irreversibly, barrels lose practically all their permeability to oxygen as they are used. With JABB® your barrels keep breathing and never get breathless!

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maturing wine in barrelsbeer brewery

JABB® barrel heads are entirely made from a polymer that is guaranteed by our supplier to be compliant for the storage of foodstuffs.
(As stipulated by european regulatory authorities and the US Food and Drug Administration).

In addition to these guarantees, JUST A BREATH ON BARRELS has carried out a range of specific studies on the quality of beers, wines and spirits kept in barrels equipped with JABB® heads.
These standard tests yielded results that are fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Permeability studies performed on JABB® heads demonstrated their ability to generate controlled and unvarying micro-oxygenation.


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The use of colour has no impact on the physical or mechanical properties of our product, nor alters its suitability for use with food products.

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JABB couleur blanc JABB couleur bleu JABB couleur jaune JABB couleur rouge

JABB® has been approved as a solution for winemakers with the current polymer.

JUST A BREATH ON BARRELS is working on a BIO-SOURCED product.
Also, the JABB® range will eventually feature a COMPOSITE product
made from neutralised oak machining fragments and a NATURAL binder.

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Fabrice Eygreteau


“The JABB® concept for me originated in a quest to adapt and fine-tune
the barrel-ageing of my wines with a practical solution
that pays tribute to the cooper’s craft.
By varying 25% of the interior surface area of my barrels I could change the proportion of wood contained in the heads to meet my requirements,
at the same time, introducing controlled, constant micro-oxygenation.
It was obvious and has been proven today that this opened up a whole new world of possibilities with regard to ageing.
With JABB® I am able to share these new possibilities with you.”

Has been a winemaker since the last century!
Loves everything around the ageing of beers, wines and spirits.
Has a fascination for barrels.

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Two sets of expertise united in one concept:
ageing wine and the cooper’s craft.

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Gaetan Martos


“I dedicated my career to being a cooper, understanding,
analysing and mastering the traditional techniques with a steady eye on the future.
If progress is to be made in ageing beers, wines and spirits,
we have to learn how to use barrels better.
We have an innovative solution to offer that pays tribute
to the ancestral craft of cooperage.”

Has been a Master Cooper since the last century!
The cooper’s craft is his life’s passion.

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JABB® is an equipment provider for coopers

Keep using the expertise of your usual coopers and hold on to your ageing markers, by fitting your new barrels with JABB®.
Bring a breath of fresh air to your one-year-old and older barrels with one or two JABB® heads!
Call us to find out about our cooper partners and the solutions we offer to replace your barrel heads.

JABB cooper equipmentJABB cooper partner

barrels, equipment and concepts by

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cooper barrel JABBfut polymere alimentaire JABB


BE JABB®, precise wood selections and a cooper’s expertise provided by JUST A BREATH ON BARRELS, ensure barrels with proven technical and cost performance.


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JABB wood selectionfut performance technique


JABB® EQUIPMENT, cellar equipment crafted in food-grade polymer to ensure optimal food safety:

- OPEN JABB® heads for barrel vinification that give easy access to the fermenting wine.
- Custom-made tank drains.
- Grids to immerse pomace caps during winemaking.
- Unbreakable amphora closures for winemaking and ageing operations.
- Tank hatch seals.

Please call: we love to find solutions for all your requests!


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Little Big JABBspirit refining JABB


LITTLE BIG JABB®, make and refine your own spirits at home in record time!
2-, 3-, 5- and 10-litre barrels.


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